Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne – How To Get The Wunderbuss

Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne

Developer Sledgehammer Games And Publisher Activision have released the second DLC titled Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne. it is a first-person shooter based and is the fourth map of the WW2 and has various locations.

In Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne players can unlock new weapons and perks. one of the weapons in the game is the Wunderbuss which looks quite unique but getting is a bit tricky. below is the guide you can use to get the weapon easily in the game.

How To Get The Wunderbuss In Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne

The Wunderbuss does not need any reloading and but you can charge it by firing a bolt that extracts energy from zombies. when you use the weapons it shoots a wave of powerful energy that stuns and vaporizes enemies.

You can use this powerful weapon to destroy the entire Nazi empire. but before you begin reading the guide remember that there might be some spoilers.

Get The Frequency Code For The Radio

To get the Wunderbuss first you need to Tune In The Radio to talk to Mikhail and to talk to him you will need certain numbers which are different for each player. to get your tuning number go to the radio which is located between the museum and cabaret, up on the steps and is sitting on the left side.

Once you locate the Radio don’t do anything to it,  look for a code on the top left of the radio. this a random code and you will need it so either memorize it or just right it down.

Next, go behind the cabaret through the plaza into the church, in the church, you will see a wall with charts. the left side contains a map and the right side contains a chart. first look for a red dot on the Map and again it is random for everyone. so memorize the name or just right it down.

Now you have the code and the name and with you can extract the tuning number. for example, we got RS-0 Barim. look at the Barim section on the chart and the radio code gives RS – 1.2 0 – 27.9. so we have the tuning number of 1.2 and 27.9.

Return to the radio and match the number, if you do it correctly the radio will show green light and Mikhail will talk to you about the Straub’s Airship.

Calling The Airship

Now you need to signal the Straub’s Airship. to do this travel all the way back behind the museum and you will notice a toolbox next to glowing flare. you need to melee attack it two times, first to open it and second to send the signal, doing this will call the giant airship.

Collecting All The WunderBuss Parts

Giestbolt – When the airship arrives it will fire bolts into the zombies. this will turn them into fast red zombies, you need to kill them and get the Giestbolt.

Wunderbuss battery – the location of the battery is random but it spawns in three areas which are listed below.

  • On the wall right of the M1928
  • In the first floor of the museum right next to the large display case near the stairs.
  • Next to the perk machine near the second floor of the Plaza exit.

Build The WunderBuss

Once you have the Giesbolt and the battery. travel all the down to apartments basement. in the basement, you will find a blue panel box, insert the battery in it and the door would open. once you get inside, take out the battery from the other side and the door will shut down.

Now place the battery in the weapon present in the center of the room. this would complete your Wunderbuss.

To leave the room shoot the blue box with the Wunderbuss. that all you need to do get the weapon in Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne.


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