Farm Manager 2018 – 6 Ways To Earn Lots Of Money Quickly

Farm Manager 2018

Developer Cleversan Software and Publisher PlayWay S.A. have released their new latest game titled Farm Manager 2018. it is indie strategy and management game where players manage their own game trying to make it as big as they can.

In Farm Manager 2018, players need to earn money to advance through different periods of the game. there are many ways you can earn money, some are less profitable and some are more profitable. below are some of the methods you can use to earn big bucks quickly.

4 Ways To Earn Lots Of Money Quickly In Farm Manager 2018

Earning money and filling your banks is the main goal of the game. but it is easier said than done. in this guide, you will find what methods to use and to create massive profit and become the wealthiest farmer.

Wind Turbines – wind turbines is one of the most profitable investment you can make in the game. it gives steady income and big profits. to make banks with this method you can build 3-5 wind turbines and run it at full speed. if you don’t have the money just take a loan and if everything works out fine then you will be able to pay off the debt in just 2-3 months.

Selling Meat – the most profitable method to earn money in the game is by selling meat, buying cows are cheap and but the meat is highly profitable. but before you venture into this side you need to make three structures in the game a cowshed, a slaughterhouse, and a warehouse with cooling.

Build a cowshed to keep the cows, then build a slaughterhouse and hire employees who have the skill of manufacturing of 5/5. these employees will increase the production rate and produce meat faster than it normal speed.

Finally build the Warehouse with cooling to store the meat, otherwise, the meat would be stored in the cowshed and you won’t be able to sell it.

Cheese Production – you already have cows and you use them to sell meat but you can use rest of cows to produce other sellable goods like cheese. just build the milk processing plant and hire employees who have the skill of manufacturing of 5/5. once the cheese is produced sell them in the market. this method is profitable but not like the meat and wind turbines.

Green House Farming – first build a greenhouse building and add irrigation to it. once it is complete you can plant the red pepper seeds which grow one time and is probably one of the most profitable plants. when it is fully grown harvest them and sell them.

Chicken Farm – you can build a small chicken farm and then breed them using inseminator. when the produce eggs, you can sell them on market, you can even sell them for meat. to increase the production hire employees who have the skill of manufacturing of 5/5.

Bee Farm – you can also construct a small bee farm and let the bees create honey. once you have enough harvest them and sell them at the market.


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