Welcome To The Game 2 – Guide And Tips For Beginners

Welcome To The Game 2

Developer Reflect Studios and Publisher Reflect Studios recently released their new game titled Welcome To The Game 2. it is a horror puzzle game and a sequel to the original Welcome To The Game which came out in the year 2016.

Welcome To The Game 2 is even harder than the first game and there are new enemies, mechanics, and a whole bigger level. as the game is pretty hard new and even experienced players will get confused. so below are some of guides and tips to help you beat the game.

Guide And Tips For Beginners In Welcome To The Game 2

Before you begin reading the guide be warned that it contains some spoiler so if you don’t want to spoil your fun, now is the time to turn back.

Below you will find a guide on all enemies, what item to get and how to execute certain mechanics of the game.

Now as you are still reading it lets begin, the first thing when you should do when you start the game is to get your flashlight. it is located on the left side of the bed next to a table lamp. this will be useful when the electricity is cut out and help you navigate to the maintenance room and get the electricity back.

When you sit for the first time your computer you will receive a call from Adam who gives you a VPN via a drone for DOS coin mining. to get the parcel you need to travel all the way down to the first-floor exit the door and enter the dark alleyway and go all the way to end. soon you will hear a drone, you can recognize it by the buzzing sound it makes.

Once you take the parcel you need to head back to your apartment to get the VPN. you will find it right on the shelf in front of the door when you enter your apartment.

Using VPN

Now you need to find a good location for your VPN to farm the DOS coin, unfortunately, there is no perfect location in the game and it is very random. but the game has a good indicator to help you know where you can gain the most coins.

While putting the VPN you will see a shadow of the VPN in one of the three colors Red, Yellow, and Green. you should always look for a place which shows the green color as this location will give you the fastest coin.

WiFi Hacking In Welcome To The Game 2

Wifi Hacking is not hard but it easily one of the most tiresome work. if you don’t monitor your hacking process then you will soon find the swat team banging on your door, ready to take you to jail. to avoid this change the position of the modem constantly and get the password for all WEP networks. some modem position in the game are

  • On your computer table
  • On the Window Seal
  • On the Balcony table
  • One the table next to your bed
skyBREAK WPA2 Hacking In Welcome To The Game 2

Now if you did the above and still survived the game, then you now need to upgrade your skyBREAK so that you can Hack WPA2 which is faster and more secure than WEP networks. but unlike hacking WEP, WPA2 is more tedious because you have to manually enter random packets until it opens.

The inject code usually looks like this – “Inject JX:QE:LT:2Z  2 100”. the number 2 is the channel and the number 100 indicates the packet you are injecting. while hacking a WPA2 network you will need to input different packet size until the network cracks. there is no fixed packet to unlock a network and it is completely random. so keep injecting packets.

How To Find Key, Hash and Deep Wiki 2 In Welcome To The Game 2

Just like most mechanics of the game, the key has and deep wiki 2 link are all randoms and have no fixed location. but there are some ways you can search for them and get them.

First, the link to Deep Wiki 2 can be only found on the source code of a website page. to get the source code click on the magnifying glass which you can find on the left of the URL search bar.

The key hash can be found on the sites page itself, many players don’t even realize that they found a key. so how to know if you found a key? basically while surfing any page if your cursor changes into the click icon, on any text block or image, then you have a found a key.

Enemies In The Game And How To Avoid Them In Welcome To The Game 2

The Swat Team – you can see the swat team as a beginner level enemy as you can avoid them easily. to not get swatted with flashbang on your face just keep changing the wifi position constantly.

But if you somehow have forgotten to change the location be ready to hide. the siren will get louder and louder indicating the arriving swat team. to avoid getting arrested by a swat team which is already half the way. just turn off the PC or just disconnect all networks and hide in the shower.

The DollMaker – this is one of the scariest characters in the game and it will come after you if you have interacted with the doll maker website. once the event has started you will hear a faint doll music. go to your door and you will see the doll maker with a doll.

Now you if happen to go outside of your apartment he will catch you but won’t kill you when you meet him for the first time. he will tell you about a girl he wants to complete his job. this is where the tricky part begins he will hang a doll head on your doorknob which you need to put on the doorknob of the girl. if you give him the wrong door he will kill you.

Where to find the girl? to find the girl you will need access to the PC in the lobby and to access it you need a disc named “lolpy” from shadow market. once you get into the pc find the girl and hang the doll head on the doorknob.

Hitman AKA Lucas – this particular event is pretty random but just for the sake of speculation it might get triggered if you are hacked even once, so if you are hacked may more attention. to avoid the hitman you will need to observe and look for a doorknob sound. when you hear it go to the door and you may find him lockpicking your door.

if you see him you can either hide in the shower or in the closet. but here is the confusing part sometimes he either leaves or just camps the door and from there I found no solution. it’s best to just wait for him to leave.

The Breather – the breather is even scarier than its appearance in the first game. the only good thing about the breather in the current game is that he does not enter the building and usually haunts the alleyway.

How to avoid it – there seems to be no trigger for the breather and appears randomly in the alleyway. to avoid him first open the door and wait for around 3-5 minutes, then pick up your package and hide in the door at the end of the alley and again wait for 3-5 minutes and then return to the building.

The Noir – the noir is the masked man which you see when you start the game and he works alongside the masked woman. the noir event triggered when you load a website but it does not load, when this happens check the door lock or the window and if it is unlocked then he is after you.

How to avoid the noir – the good thing about most of the Noir encounter is that they don’t just come out of thin air. they usually appear at the end of the hallway, alley and the window. when the masked guy appears do not approach it or the women will kill you. all you have to do is maintain a safe distance and then turn your back and do not look at him until at least 20-40 seconds have passed. once the time passes look back and he will be gone.


Things You Should Buy To Make The Game Easier In Welcome To The Game 2

Now as you progress through the game players can use the DOScoin to purchase different hardware from shadow market and software from the Zeroday market.

First, let’s look at the important hardware to buy from Shadow Market to survive the game.

  • Motion sensor – get a motion sensor and place it any suitable location. once installed it will alert you when somebody enters your apartment. works pretty good against Lucas.
  • Lolpy disc –  you will eventually encounter the dollmaker, so better get this item and complete the quest for the dollmaker.
  • Police scanner – you won’t need this scanner if you pay attention will playing the game. most of the time you will hear the siren approaching and you can hide in time. but if you want a more efficient way then you can use the Police scanner to know when they are coming for you.
  • Wifi Dongle 2 and 3 – again it is not needed but it improves the connection for better browsing.

Zeroday Market – Softwares

  • skyBREAK WPA2 – get this as you will need to crack WPA2 network in the game.
  • Backdoor Hack – this lets you steal DOScoin each time a hack is blocked. the only downside is that its a one time use. so you need to get more and more but don’t worry as it only cost 1 DOScoin.
  • Motion Alert – gives you an audio and visual signal when your motion sensor is tripped.
  • Key Cue – easily one of the best item you can get in the game. it shows the key when you are on a web page of any site which contains a key code.


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