Minit – Guide On How To Find The Locations Of All The Residents


Developer JW, Kitty, Jukio, Dom and Publisher Devolver Digital recently released their new game titled Minit. it is an indie pixel RPG game where players play as a little warrior who journeys outside to help unusual folk, uncover countless secrets, and defeat dangerous foes.

In Minit, players need to collect different items to progress in the game. one of the items you need is the flippers but to get it you need to find all the residents. below is a guide on how to find and locations of all of them.

Guide To Locations Of All The Residents In Minit

In the game players need to find all the resident to get the flippers, so it automatically becomes the unavoidable task to complete the game.

You can generally find all the resident by finding the hint’s from hotel manager but to make things simpler you will find all the residents location below.

Underwater Resident – go to the left side of the hotel and you will find a water. on the right side of the water, you will notice an unusual line/spot, go to it and its talk with you. once you the interaction is over wait and the Resident will come out, speak with him and he will return.

Box Resident – On the right side of the hotel, keeping going until you find a place with boxes. move it and you will find the resident.

Frog Resident – finding the frog is not really difficult, you will come across him as you progress through the game. all you need to do is go to the right side of the hotel, you will reach a closed bridge on the other side of the bridge is the frog. to get to it you need to go down into the mines and then progress from there up to the surface.

Captured Resident – go up from the hotel and you will find some enemies coming out of the ground. now in the enemy group you will notice one character without a weapon, he was captured by the bandits so don’t kill him. proceed to defeat all the bandits and then talk to him and he will return to the hotel.

Credit Card Resident – go up twice from the hotel and then move the top left. there you will find a box at the bottom and the resident who has lost his credit card. help them get their credit card by pushing the box.

Hidden Resident – go up from the hotel all the way up to the graveyard. from the graveyard go right and you notice someone trying to hide behind trees, cut all the trees and he will return to the hotel.

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