The Hunter: Call Of The Wild – 15 Hunting Tips For Beginners

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild

Developer Expansive Worlds and Publisher Avalanche Studios first released their game The Hunter: Call Of The Wild in 2017. it is an open world hunting simulation game in which players are put in real-world scenario to hunt different animals.

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild has many different mechanics which players must use while they are on a hunt, messing up even a small thing could ruin your whole work and scare the animal away. below you will find 15 tips to make you a better hunter from the beginning of the game.

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild – Beginners Hunting Tips

As Hunter, you need to as quiet as a cat, so never run in the wild because animals will hear it and run away from you. but if you want to run remember to use the roads as running on roads in quieter when compared to running on off-road areas.

The ATV is a very good addition to your kit, it helps you move faster from one travel point to another.

Creating Tent is also pretty good it lets you buy or replace equipment when you earn any new upgrades or just need more ammo.

Wearing backpack increases the load on the player creating more noise when they move. so try to lose your backpack when you have located the animal and are trying to get near it to kill it easily.

Always move around with loaded guns because you never know when a suitable target will appear. also, it keeps you ready to defend yourself if any aggressive animal attacks you.

When you use the animal callers be sure to use it in an interval of 40-50 seconds. using it frequently in short interval will raise suspicion among the animals and it will run away.

Many try to avoid using a flashlight while hunting at night thinking it would reveal your location. but that’s not the case the animals are not afraid of the flashlight and neither using it increase your location visibility, so its ok to use it.

Finding the track of animal doesn’t always mean it is near sometimes the animal may have passed from there many hours ago.

To know how close you are to an animal you haven’t spotted yet, look for fresh droppings, if they are fresh then they are close.

Always try to hear the call made by the animals, you should use headphones for it as the calls have certain loudness and direction to it which can be heard clearly with headphones. this will help you track the animals.

Watch out for the direction of winds, most animals in the game have a good sense of smell and if the wind is blowing towards them, they will sense you and leave the area.

A Bow is quieter than a gun but a gun is more effective than a bow. so it’s better to use a gun, also using a gun will give you much-needed XP to get new upgrades.

Always aim for the heart, spine or lungs of the target. it kills the animal quickly and also quick kills give more XP.

Soft point bullets do more damage but don’t penetrate much into the flesh. but the polymer tip bullets goes much deeper into the flesh and has a high chance to hit internal organs.

The highest value animals are coyotes and foxes. but finding them is very difficult to make things easier you need to get the coyote/fox caller which cost a whopping 6000.


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