The Elder Scrolls: Legends Caius’ Training Puzzles Solutions

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Developer Dire Wolf Digital and Publisher Bethesda Softworks first released their game The Elder Scrolls: Legends in 2017. it is a online free to play multiplayer card game based on the The Elder Scrolls Universe.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends has training called Caius’ Training which contains 10 different puzzles. each puzzle is different and some are quite confusing and difficult to complete. below you will find a guide on how to complete all of them.

Caius’ Training Puzzles Solutions In The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Redoran Initiation – Play all the four Sarethi Scions where ever you want, then attack the Mummy with the Warclaw Mercenaries, after that summon the Ald’ruhn Arms Master to the right lane and hit the face.

Dagoth Initiation – First play the Hidden Trail and then summon the Ash Piercer to the left lane and use its ability to kill the Blacksap Protector, finally hit face with the Orc Clan Captain.

Hlaalu Initiation – First play the Glass Greaves on your Dren Bodyguard, then use the Twin Lamps consul where ever you want, then move it with Archer’s Gambit to instantly kill the left Giant. finally, Play Lower Canton Smith and give the Scimitar to the Bodyguard and hit face.

Telvanni Initiation – First Hit the skeleton with your Mammoth and then play Betray it with Drain Blood against the dragon and kill it. then hit face by using the Enforcer and finally betray it for your Blood Sacrament.

Tribunal Initiation – First use the Orvas’ Bargain and weaken the Colovian Trooper and strengthen your Pilgrim then Exalt your Ghostgate Defender and remove the Protector of the Innocent, finally use the Inquisitor to kill the weakened Trooper and then hit face with your Pilgrim.

Redoran Mastery – First use your Galyn’s ability on Bolvyn then play Silent Pilgrim and summon all the creatures from your hand. attack with your Ald’ruhn Arms Master and then play your new Bolvyns. then play your Mentor’s Ring on your Arms Master and unsummon it using Close Call. finally attack again with all creatures to rally your Arms master and summon it and give it the Sentinel Battlemace to finish off your foe.

Dagoth Mastery – select one of your Hive Defenders and move it using Dune Smuggler and give it the Stolen Pants. Doing it in this order will make the Sheepish Dunmer appears in the left lane. finally just summon your Feasting Horror to the left lane and play Servant of Dagoth to replace it and pass the turn.

Hlaalu Mastery – First Hit face using the Firebrand and then use the Minotaur into the Guard. after that use the Camonna Tong Heavy and sacrifice it with Cruel Firebloom. then use your Sharpshooter to kill your Firebrand then cast Journey and play the Ashkhan. then summon your two creatures with charge and hit face. finally, summon the Orc in the same lane as the Minotaur and return it, then play it again and attack.

Telvanni Mastery – First summon Ancano and use it to kill the Bone Colossus. then summon the Cliff Strider to any lane and give it the Improvised Weapon and attack any one of the skeletons. then use Traitor’s Flames and betray the Strider and wipe out the skeletons while dealing tons of damage to the opponent. finally hit face with the Ancestral Dead.

Tribunal Mastery – First play your Ghostgate Defenders to the right lane, then use the Temple Patriarch to the right lane to exalt everything. now use the Defender’s ability to deal 2 damage to one of the Indoril Archmages in the lane.

Now you can either change the Temple Patriarch or the Ghostgate Defender with Almalexia. after replacing use one of your Clockwork City Pilgrims to attack the damaged Archmage and kill the other Archmage with one of your Mournhold Pilgrims. finally, attack the Lurking Mummy and hit face with everything.

The Guide was written by Steam User Herr Tunichtgut

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