Gothicc Breaker – Guide To All The Achievements

Gothicc Breaker

Developer and Publisher HeHeHe! Productions recently released their new game titled Gothicc Breaker. it is a classic Brick Breaker game but with gothicc GUI and girls, players can complete a breaker game unlock more levels and pics.

In the game, players can unlock new achievements and complete 100% of these gothic brick breaker. below you will find a guide on how to unlock all the achievements easily.

Guide To All The Achievements Of Gothicc Breaker

There are a total of seven achievements, and you can find all of them below arranged in alphabetical order.

Good Job – For this achievement, you just need to clear all the levels in the game.

Now, That’s Something – for this achievement you need to get the maximum size of the paddle. to increase the paddle size you need to get the powerups with two outward arrows on its side. you need to get two of these power-ups without dying to reach maximum size.

Pew Pew! – For this achievement, you will need to get guns on your paddle. to do this get the power-up which has a gun symbol on it. once you get the power-up destroy 25 blocks without dying.

Sanic! – to get this achievement you need to get the ball to its maximum speed. so to increase the speed survive for as long as you can and it would automatically speed up the ball. furthermore get the speed powerups to speed it up more but be careful and do not pick up the grey power-ups it slows down the speed of the ball.

So Many Balls! – for this achievement, you will need 6 balls on the screen at a moment. to do this you will need a powerup which has three balls symbol on it. one power-up splits the ball into three, so you will need to get 2 powers up and not lose any of the balls.

Take A Look – for this achievement you just need to collect one powerup which comes in upside down heart shape

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