Far Cry 5 – The Best Items To Sell To Make Big Money Easily

Far Cry 5

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has released their new latest game titled Far Cry 5. it is an action-adventure first-person game and is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

In Far Cry 5, players can earn money to buy more new weapons, vehicles and other in-game stuff. but it can become a tedious task, so below you will find a guide on what to collect, sell and earn the maximum profit and build up your money with ease.

The Best Items To Sell To Make Big Money Easily In Far Cry 5

The only way to earn money in the game is by either completing main missions, side quests and selling different items. if you are going to rely on the money earned from missions and side quests then you will probably not have enough bucks to get new big weapons and vehicles. So this guide will focus on selling items which are infinite in the game.

Players in the game can earn money by selling Fish, Animal skins, Magazines, and Maps. you will get the highest money for animal skins, then fishes and then magazines and maps. below you will first learn how to get each one of them and then a list of all items and the money you get from selling them.


Animal Skins – you can hunt animals in the nearby forest different area have different animals and different animals skins have a different price. to increase the amount of reward for hunting animals get the “Harvest Master” perk, with this perk you will receive two animal skins and two baits everytime you loot a killed animal.

Fish – just like animal skins different water bodies will have a different kind of fishes and it will give you a different amount for selling it. “Harvest Master” works for Fishing too so be sure to unlock it.

Magazines And Maps – most of magazines and maps can be obtained from almost any outpost. you can see these items on the map as you progress through the game. these items are usually on desk, tables and office areas.

List Of Prices Of Items
  • Alpha Black Bear Skin: $300
  • Alpha Deer Skin: $300
  • Alpha Hare Skin: $350
  • Alpha Moose Skin: $350
  • Alpha Wolverine Skin: $400
  • Bison Skin: $200
  • Boar Skin: $170
  • Caribou Skin: $190
  • Cougar Skin: $225
  • Damaged Meat: $5
  • Damage Skin: $5
  • Deer Skin: $180
  • Elk Skin: $190
  • Feather: $100
  • Grizzly Skin: $185
  • Hare Skin: $300
  • Moose Skin: $200
  • Magazines: $180
  • Maps: $180
  • Pronghorn Skin: $180
  • Skunk Skin: $170
  • Sturgeon Fish: $150
  • Sturgeon Fish: $100
  • Wolf Leader Skin: $225
  • Wolf Skin: $170
  • Wolverine Skin: $170

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