PUBG – How To Get Invited To The New Savage 4×4 Map


Developer and Publisher PUBG Corporation’s Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the currently one of the biggest game around. it has the largest players base on steam and can be certainly called the best last man standing shooter game.

The devs of the game have been releasing new update and features to improve the gameplay. the most recent addition is the Codename: Savage 4×4 map which is looking very promising. currently, only players with beta keys and invite have access to the map. if you too want to test the map follow the guide below.

How To Get Invited To The New Savage 4×4 Map In PUBG

The new latest map is smaller almost half the size of the first two map and is designed in a way to make the gameplay faster, more extreme and fun to play. this map is suited especially for players who don’t like the long looting and camping period.

The latest map is currently in beta phase and is currently accessible by only some of the players. but the devs of the game are slowly giving away more keys to get more feedback and response.

So the first way you can get the beta key is by signing up on the official website. to do this head over to this Link and sign up by authenticating your steam account.

Remember you must own PUBG on Steam and your profile must be set to public during this process. if you are lucky you will receive a beta key soon fro Codename: Savage map.

The second way to get the access to new map is by constantly checking the official PUBG media profile. you can follow the Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and official Forum. they devs may give out keys or announce new updates about the opening of the beta test window for the map.

The Final way to get the Key is to follow PUBG streamers on Twitch And YouTube. many streamers have received multiple Keys which they are giving away on stream.

If you are able to acquire a key, you need to apply the code on steam to redeem it. to do it follow the process below

Go to Steam Libary > Click On Add Game > Select Activate a Product on steam and just apply the code.


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