PixARK – How To Tame Fairy Dragon, Pegasus, Baby Treant And More


Developer and Publisher Snail Games USA have released their new game titled PixARK. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed in an open world filled with different beasts and Dinosaurs.

In PixARK players can tame many different types of creatures and use them to move from one place to another, hunt and even protect the base. below you will find a guide on how to tame Dragon, Pegasus and Baby Treant.

How To Tame Fairy Dragon, Pegasus, Baby Treant And More In PixARK

The common thing about fairy dragon, pegasus, baby treant is that they are all Magical creatures and most importantly there are not aggressive which makes them easier to tame.

This guide will mention fairy dragon, pegasus and baby treant taming process but the method can be used on any non-aggressive magical creature to tame them.

Before you tame these creatures you need to find them, you can find most of the magical creatures in the Golden Realm Biome but be warned that this biome is filled with aggressive magical creatures like Shadow Leopard, Specter Wolf and more.

Preparing For Tame

So before going to Golden Realm Biome get craft yourself a Staff and get dust ammo for different elements. this will not be used to tame the nonaggressive magical creature but to protect yourself from the creatures which will hunt you in the Golden Realm Biome.

Now with the weapon to protect yourself, you now need Magic Sleepy Arrows to knock the magical creatures. to make a magic sleepy arrows you will need a stone arrow, magic berry, mageweave bark, and wind magic stone. get at least 40 sleep arrows.

Taming Process

If you are hunting a flying magical creature get a flying mount to chase it otherwise it would just run away. once you have selected the target, hit it with magic sleepy arrows to knock it out. remember do not use normal sleepy arrows as it deals damage to magical creatures and can kill them.

Once the creature is unconscious feed them it’s preferred food, for example, Pegasus and Fairy Dragon like Magic Berries and slime’s like meat, after feeding wait until the taming bar is full. also, monitor the unconscious bar if it is getting to zero feed it some sleepy potion or narcoberries. When the taming bar is full, name the creature and it will be tamed.

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