PixARK – Guide On How To Unlock Engrams And Craft Anything


Developer and Publisher Snail Games USA have released their new game titled PixARK. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed in an open world filled with different beasts and Dinosaurs.

In PixARK players need to gather different types of resources like wood, thatch, copper and more. you can use this resources to craft different tools and weapons. but before you craft them you need to unlock engrams which is easy but can be confusing for new players. below you will find a guide on how to unlock engram and craft items.

Guide On How To Unlock Engrams And Craft Anything In PixARK

By Crafting new tools, weapons and items players can tame higher level creatures, build new structures and basically make their time in the game more easier and increase their chance of survival in the vast world filled with dangerous monsters.

Now to craft a particular item you need to three things character levels, unlocked Engrams, and the required items/resources to craft the item. below you will learn how to get them.

Character Levels – to you increase the level of your character you need to get XP. to get XP you can collect resources like wood, thatch, ores, and do mining. you also gain XP for killing and taming creatures the higher the level of the creature the more XP it will give.

XP from creatures also depends a lot on what type of creature you are killing like a Phiomia will give more XP than a Dodo. to learn more about leveling you can follow the two guides below which will make your gameplay easier.

Unlock Engrams – before you craft an item you will need the item’s engrams. to unlock it you will need Engram points which you can earn by leveling up your character. you have already learned how to level up above. so here you just need to unlock Engram.

Just go to inventory and click on the Engram tab and at the bottom right you will find the amount of Engram points you have. to unlock a certain Engram double click on it and if you have the required amount of points. then you will unlock it but if you don’t have the points you need to earn it by leveling up the characters.

Crafting – with engram unlocked now you can craft the item. just go to the inventory and click on the craft tab there you will find the items whose engram you have unlocked. when you click on the item it will show the required items and the amount needed to craft it. if you have those then you will be able to craft it.

You can craft the same time multiple times, to craft more than one item at the same time just edit the number in the small box in the lower right.

Remember to always unlock engrams and craft new items, this way you can craft higher tier items when you unlock it.

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