PixARK – Guide On Where And How To Mine Copper Easily


Developer and Publisher Snail Games USA have released their new game titled PixARK. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed in an open world filled with different beasts and Dinosaurs.

In PixARK players need to gather different types of resources like wood, thatch, metal and more to construct different weapons, tools, and buildings. cooper is one of the resources which players can mine but unlike other resources it can become difficult to find, below you will find a guide on where and how to search and mine copper.

Guide On How To Mine Copper Easily In PixARK

Just like most of the ores and resources copper also spawns randomly on the map but there are many ways by which you can easily get them and craft or build things you need.

Underground Ruins – if you find any underground location on the map make sure to explore it as it is bound to contain copper also it will have other resources but be careful you will find many aggressive creatures who will attack you.

Dig And Search Method – this method is the most common way of searching for copper. you basically dig three to four blocks down from the surface and if you are lucky you will find copper veins. but if you don’t find it just move on to the next area.

This method is useful if you have chosen the green biomes which are relatively easy than other brown biomes where the resources are scares. so if you are currently playing on any green biomes just dig few blocks down to get the copper if you don’t find it just move on to next area. most likely you will get the copper block by just visiting 2-3 areas.

Bamboo Biomes Area – if you are not in the mood for digging and want to get copper fast then you should search for the Bamboo areas which has pandas in it. in this particular area, you will find black color hills and just on its surface you would find copper veins visible right on the surface.

To execute this method more efficiently use any flying creatures and navigate the area for visible copper veins. once you find it just start mining all of them.

Console Cheat – finally you can use the console command to spawn blocks of copper instantly. to use this command just press Tab on the keyboard, this will bring the console command then you need to type cheat giveitemnum 44 1 0 0.

The number 44 is the item code and the number 1 is the amount of copper you need. you can edit the number 1 part with any number ranging from 2 to 99. be careful not to change the item code.

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