PixARK – How To Level Up Fast At Early Stages With One Simple Trick


Developer and Publisher Snail Games USA have released their new game titled PixARK. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed in an open world filled with different beasts and Dinosaurs.

In PixARK players can gain levels to unlock new tools, weapons, building structures and more. by unlocking new things players can hunt bigger creatures and also establish a modern base. below you will find a trick to gain level fast and easy.

How To Level Up Fast With One Simple Trick In PixARK

The method below is useful for people who don’t want to waste resources while trying to get XP. gaining level fast in the game will help players unlock new weapons, tools, and other important upgrades to make life easier.

Now you can gather thatch, fiber, and woods to gain XP but the task which will give you significantly more XP is killing creatures especially higher levels ones.

To kill them easily first you need to get a pickaxe and then dig a pit and ideal pit size would be 4X5 and 5X5 but it depends on the creature you want to hunt.

Once you have the pit, you will need a Spear to damage them. you can unlock it at level 6  to craft it you will need wood, fiber, and rock.

Now lure the creatures you want to kill into the pit and once they are trapped, hit them until they die and then you will get your big XP. also after killing them remember to harvest the meat block for leather and food.

Try to hunt creatures like spiders, small dinosaurs, treants and other creatures which give big XP for killing them. just by doing this you can gain 40+ easily.

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