Jalopy – Guide On How To Earn Money Fast And Easy


Developer Minskworks and Publisher Excalibur Games have finally released their early access game Jalopy on steam. it is an open world driving simulation game where players drive an old car and try t survive the territories of the former Eastern Bloc.

In Jalopy, players can earn money by selling different items which they can further use to maintain the car. the only problem is making money can be quite tedious and confusing. below you will find a guide on how to earn money fast and easily.

Guide On How To Earn Money Fast And Easy In Jalopy

The only way to earn money in the game is to buy and sell different items and collecting wooden crates and boxes below you will find a guide on how to use this to your advantage.

Sell Things You Don’t Need – In the game, you will find many things which you will not need like wheels, repair kits, fuel tanks, engines and more. you can sell them to earn so bucks.

Collect Wooden Crates And Boxes – while traveling from one destination to another you will find several cardboard boxes and wooden crates. you can open cardboard easily but for the wooden crates, you will need a crowbar.

Both the box and crate will either contain an item or will have nothing in it. but if you find something, go to the nearest station and sell it any price as it a profit anyways.

To increase earning from these free stuff you should always choose longer destinations. the longer, the destination more will be the chance to find these boxes and crates and more will be your earnings.

Buy And Sell Items – The best item in the game to sell is wine as it generates the most profit when compare it to other items. you should sell the wine between 70-85 as anything above it is pretty rare to come across. along with wine sell the meds and meats which brings decent profits.

But once you reach Hungary focus more on wines, just grab a trunk full of cheapest wine and sell them at a high price. this will be the biggest profit generator so just rinse and repeat the method.

Also below you will find a list of items and when you should buy and sell them to get the maximum possible profit. it is useful at the early stage of the games.

  • Cigarettes – Buy somewhere between 5.10 to 20.50 and Sell somewhere between 6.20 to 29.80
  • Coffee – Buy somewhere between 0.80 to 3.50 and Sell somewhere between 1 to 3.50
  • Stoff – Buy somewhere between 0.20 to 1.30 and Sell somewhere between 0.50 to 1.90
  • Meat – Buy somewhere between 1.80 to 6.50 and Sell somewhere between 2.00 to 7.00
  • Meds – Buy somewhere between 8.00 to 28.50 and Sell somewhere between 5.00 to 32.80
  • Wine – Buy somewhere between  23.00 to 60.20 and Sell somewhere between 40.50 to 105.10


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