PixARK – Guide On How To Tame All The Creatures


Developer and Publisher Snail Games USA have released their new game titled PixARK. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed in an open world filled with different beasts and Dinosaurs.

In PixARK players can tame different types of creatures which can be used for different purposes. some creatures are easy to tame and some are pretty hard to tame. below you will find a guide on how to tame all the creatures.

Guide On How To Tame All The Creatures In PixARK

Taming creatures in the game can help players in many ways. you can use them as a transport and ride it to move from one place to another, to defend your structures, as a storage place if you run out of inventory space and the best of all hunting other creatures.

In the game, players can tame over 100 different beasts, dinosaurs and birds. but there are two types of beasts the first type is the Non-aggressive beasts like Dodo, Triceratops, Bigear Rabbits which will not attack you unless you attack them first and the second type the Aggressive beasts like Shadow Leopard, T-Rex, Raptors which will attack you once they spot you.

To Tame them below you will learn two methods Passive Taming and Knock Out Taming.

Passive Taming – this method is used on creatures who are passive in nature but will attack you if you attack them. to know if a creature is passive or not just use the scanner. once you confirm that a particular beast is a passive get near it.

After getting near it feed the animal its preferred food and a taming bar will appear on it. feed the creature until the bar is full and when you complete this task give a name to that creature and it will be tamed. remember that a creature can only be feed when it’s hungry so you will have to keep track of it.

Knock Out Taming – this method is used on creatures who are aggressive in nature and will attack you no matter what you do. to know if a creature is aggressive or not just use the scanner.

To tame an aggressive beast you will need to first make it unconscious or just sedate it with potions. you can weapons like slingshot, bow, crossbow and long neck rifle. these weapons are pretty good for knocking creatures out but it takes time.

To make your weapons more effective use Sleepy Arrow with the bows and also keep sleepy potions. for longneck rifle use sleepy dart and against Magical creatures use the magic sleepy arrows. with these, you can easily knockout/sedate any creatures.

Once the creature is unconscious you will notice a swirling ring on their head, approach it and feed the beast its preferred food and you will see a taming bar. while taming process keep an eye on theirĀ  Unconscious bar, if it is about to wake up you can use Narcoberries or sleepy potions to keep it sedated and continue the feeding until it is tamed.

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