PixARK – Guide On How To Gain Levels Fast And Easily


Developer and Publisher Snail Games USA have released their new game titled PixARK. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed in an open world filled with different beasts and Dinosaurs.

In PixARK players need to gain levels so that they can unlock different weapons, tools and structures, getting these new tools will make players more efficient and fast. below you will find a guide on how to gain levels fast and easily.

Guide On How To Gain Levels Fast And Easily In PixARK

Always Pick Green Biome Location – once you have customized the appearance of your characters you will need to pick a location on the map to spawn.

if you are a beginner in this game always choose Green Biomes as darker the region on the map the more difficult it would be to gain resources and low resource would be slow level up speed. so pick a Rally point which has lots of green areas.

Gather Thatch And Wood At Early Stage – Once you spawn in the world craft yourself a wood axe and wood pickaxe and then start to collect Thatch which looks like a block of grass on the ground and also get woods by chopping down trees.

They give little XP but its the safest and fastest way to level up at the early stage, also by doing this you gain necessary resources.

Get Hunting Weapons (Spear) – just by collecting Thatch and chopping trees you will easily reach level 6-7 in no time. so at level 6 get the spear and to craft it you will need wood, fiber, and rock, trees give you wood, small bush gives you fiber and to get rock dig two blocks of grass with a pickaxe and you will reach the rock block and then use it to craft the spear.

once you get the spear you can hunt creatures like Dodo, Bigear Rabbits and get level easily. but the only problem is that the XP amount is low. so try to hunt a bigger creature like Phiomia which gives pretty good XP. remember to harvest their meat blocks.

Get Bow And Arrow – by just killing Phiomia and gathering resources you will reach level 15 soon. once 15 you will need to craft Bow And Arrow which will help you kill beasts a lot faster.

Tame A Pteranodon – You can tame a Pteranodon by using bow and arrow and knocking it down with sleepy arrows. once it is knocked down feed the bird its preferred food but also keep checking the unconscious bar. if it is about to wake up give it Narcoberries and feed it more until it is tamed.

Once it is Tamed scout the area by riding on it and killing low threat animals like Phiomia, Dilophosaurus, Procoptodon which give decent XP.

But if you are able to get a High-level Pteranodon, then move to harder zones and hunt Spiders, shadow leopards and other high-level creatures. killing them with Pteranodon is easy and also killing just one gives a significant amount of XP.

Mining And Smelting Ores –  you can gain XP for mining ores which can later be used for constructing the base. to mine faster get the drill engram and dig into the ground as far as you can. turn the stone gathered from mining into the stone foundation and build some smelters to smelt all the ores. doing this will give a decent amount of XP.

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