Far Cry 5 – Guide To Locations Of All The Safe

Far Cry 5

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has released their new latest game titled Far Cry 5. it is an action-adventure first-person game and is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

In Far Cry 5, players will find many secret locations through the storyline or by exploring. one such secret locations will give you Safe which contains money and other different collectibles. below you will find a guide on locations of all the Safe in the game.

Guide To Locations Of All The Safe In Far Cry 5

Baron Lumber Mill In Jacob’s Region – look for the safe in one of the rooms of the building, it is sitting on the left of some rocket crates/ammunition crate.

Armstrong Residence In John’s Region – The safe is located inside a secret bunker. to get to it go around the house and look for a window which you enter. once inside the walk all the way back and you will find the entrance on the floor.

Grain Elevator In John’s Region – the safe is located inside the house. to get to it climb the roof and the break the barricaded wooden window to get inside. once inside search for the safe in the bottom floor be careful there are a lot of beehives so walk carefully to avoid them or just kill them with molotovs.

Laurel Residence In John’s Region – to get to the Safe first you need to clear the prepper stash quest. to get to the safe, you will first need to drain out the water from the bunker. so first get inside the water and get the key lying on the table.

Once you have the key get back to the shed and open it, the shed will have a water pump, activate it to clear the water. and then return to the bunker, destroy the wooden board, go to the back room and there you will find the safe.

Rye And Sons Aviation In John’s Region – go to Rye And Sons Aviation where you meet one of the specialists Nick Rye. find the main hangar and look for the safe located next to a fridge and some crates.

Rye And Sons Aviation In John’s Region – to get this Safe go behind the hangar and enter Nick Rye’s house. one of the doors of the house will be locked, you can get the key from the small shed outside nick house or you can just lockpick the locked door, once you unlock it go inside and open the safe to get the loot.

Bright Warden Spa In Faith’s Region – the bright warden spa is located south of Hope County Jail and is located in Faith’s Region. to get to it visit the spa and go through the mines, start the generator inside the mine and remove all the bliss gas in it. after clearing the gas inside and head toward the exit and you will find it inside a door which is located on the right side of the mines’s entrance.

Hope County Jail In Faith’s Region – the safe is located in the corridor of the jail and can be identified by looking for a bookshelf. but as the safe is inside a resistance building don’t use explosive on it or your allies will fight you, to open it safely try to lockpick it.

Peaches Taxidermy In Faith’s Region –  you can find this safe while doing the quest to find Peaches the mountain lion from Miss Maple. just go to the back room of miss maple’s house and you will find a Safe.

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