Far Cry 5 – Guide On Locations Of All Prepper Stash

Far Cry 5

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has released their new latest game titled Far Cry 5. it is an action-adventure first-person game and is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

In Far Cry 5, players will find many secret locations through the storyline or by exploring. one such secret locations will give you Prepper Stash which contains perks,  ammunition, weapons, and money. below you will find the location of all the Prepper stash in game.

Guide On Locations Of All Prepper Stash In Far Cry 5

Silver Lake Boathouse In Dutch’s Region – go to the Silver Lake Boathouse and then head west and you will find a bunker with a note in it. this would tell you that you need to drain the water.

So first head to the boathouse and get into the river, after getting in the river swim and head towards the main door and go to the deck you will find power control, activate it. grab the key beside the door and go back to the bunker entrance. use the yellow switch to drain water and then just get inside the bunker and find the stash at the end of the room.

Raptor Peak In Faith’s Region – this particular location is hard to get to and is located on just above the Taft Lookout tower and at the right side of Peaches Taxidermy on the map.

At the Taft Lookout tower, you will find a note with the location of the stash. then use the path to travel up the mountain. once you get near the mountain the path will end. from here you will need to climb the mountain using grappling. once at the top, you will find a camp with resistance fighters and beside the tent, you will find the stash.

Bright Warden Spa In Faith’s Region – go the bright warden spa and look for the entrance of the mine. once there you will find a note which will give details about the Prepper Stash.

Get inside the mine and then just go left of the tunnel and you will find a generator, activate it to remove all the bliss gas. then go back to the entrance of the mine and look for a door at the right side, get inside it and you will find the loot.

Grain Elevator In John’s Region – the stash is located inside the house. to get to it climb the roof and the break the barricaded wooden window and get inside. once inside search for the stash in the bottom floor be careful there are a lot of beehives walk carefully to avoid them or just kill them with molotovs.

Armstrong Residence In John’s Region – The stash is located inside a secret bunker. to get to it go around the house and look for a window from which you enter inside. once inside walk all the way back and you will find the entrance on the floor, enter it and get the loot.

Laurel Residence In John’s Region – to get to the Stash, you will first need to drain out the water from the bunker. so first get inside the water and get the key lying on the table.

Once you have the key get back to the shed and open it, the shed will have a water pump, activate it to clear the water. and then return to the bunker, destroy the wooden board, go to the back room and there you will find the safe.

Hope County Jail Bus In John’s Region – go to hope county jail bus and you will find a note which gives details on the location of the Stash.

Then search for a tunnel entrance nearby, once you locate it get inside and then take the first right turn. you will find a locked door, you can open it by lockpicking after it is unlocked get inside and you will find the stash.

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