Far Cry 5 – Guide On Location Of All Alien Objects

Far Cry 5

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has released their new latest game titled Far Cry 5. it is an action-adventure first-person game and is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

In the latest game players get access to many different strange side quests which players can complete to get achievements and other rewards. once such achievement is the Science Face Achievement. below you will find the guide to the location of all the alien objects.

Guide On Location Of All Alien Objects In Far Cry 5

To get the Science Fact Achievement you will need to begin the alien quest and to begin this particular quest you need to find a person called Larry and talk to him.

You can find Larry at Parker Laboratories which is located west from Fall’s End in John Seed’s Region. once you talk to him he will give a quest called “Free Larry” in which you will need to save him. to save him turn off three generators which are located in the same area which you can see on the map.

Once you free him a new side quest called “Close Encounters” will be available for you to play. you will have to find four alien objects in this quest. below is the location of all of them.

Turkeys –  Once your mission begins in the crop circle search for a flock of Turkeys, they will be making loud noises and the alien object will be lying on the ground. be careful the Turkeys will attack you.

Running Dog – while searching trying listening to a dogs barking, once you find it you will notice the object in its mouth, chase it until it drops the object.

On Top Of The Big Silo – just near the field you will find a farm named Bradbury. go there and climb on to the big silo and you will find it in a birds nest.

Small Cultist Camp – in the field near Bradbury farm you will notice a small camp, go there and you will find a bunch of cultists, kill them and enter the camp and you will find it behind a dead cow.

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