Far Cry 5 – Guide On How To Get The Magnopulser Weapon

Far Cry 5

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has released their new latest game titled Far Cry 5. it is an action-adventure first-person game and is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

In Far Cry 5, players can get different weapons like rifles, snipers, pistols, bow & arrow and more. but one weapon which is everyone is interested is called the Magnopulser which looks unique and is super fun to play with. below you will find a guide on how to get it.

Guide On How To Get Magnopulser Weapon In Far Cry 5

The Mangopulser is pretty much the strongest weapon in the game. it can disintegrate most of the enemies with just one shot and stun a group of people but the best part is you never need ammo for this weapon.

The only problem with this weapon is that it does not affect enemies hidden behind different objects like the rifles, snipers, and other military grade weapons. anyways players are getting this weapon not for it firepower but because it is the coolest looking weapon in Far Cry 5.  below you will find the guide on how to get it.

Free Larry Quest – to get the Magnopulser you first need to find Larry. go to Holland Valley in John’s Region and then head towards Parker Laboratories which is to the west of Fall’s End. once there you will find Larry trapped in a large electrical cage.

Approach him and you will receive the Free Larry Quest, to complete it you will need to deactivate three generators which are marked on the map once you receive the quest. do this and you will complete the quest.

The Hero’s Journey – after releasing Larry from electrical cage talk to him again and you will receive another quest titled “The Hero’s Journey”. to complete this quest head towards southeast to the  Purpletop Tower and destroy all the five satellite dishes.

Two of the satellite dishes are located on the second and third platform of the tower, to get to the last three dishes Larry will help you get to the top with a Helicopter. once in the helicopter just shoot down the dishes with any weapons.

Close Encounters –  After you complete the second quest and land on the ground talk to Larry again and he will give you a third quest titled “Close Encounters”. in this quest you will need to find shiny alien objects. Larry will drop you in the search zone and then you need to begin collecting the alien objects.

  • The first object can be found among a flock of Turkeys beware they will attack you,
  • The second object can be found near the fence of the field inside the mouth of a dog, once you find the dog chase it until it drops it or kills it whatever you want to do.
  • The third object can be found on top of a big Silo at the Bradbury farm which can be found near the field. to get on top of the silo climb the ladder, jump and reach the top you will find it sitting in a birds nest.
  • The fourth object can be found near a cultists camp situated in a field next to the Bradbury farm. kill all the cultists and get in the camp, you will find the object among the dead cows.

Out of this World – this is the final quest, get the quest from Larry and head north from Parker Laboratories towards a transformer station. here you will need to turn on five electrical switches. three of them can be found on the ground floor and two of them can be found once you climb the tower.

Once all switches are on, return to Larry and activate the generator this will complete the quest and larry will vanish and leave behind his shoe and the Magnopulser. if you have completed the quest and forget to get the weapon you can still get it from the Shop.

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