Ni No Kuni 2 – Guide On How To Open Blue And Gold Locked Chests

Ni No Kuni 2

Developer Level-5 and Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment have released their new latest game titled Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom. it is an action adventure JRPG game where players play as young king Evan who has been overthrown in a coop.

In the game, players can collect many different items, weapons and more which can be collected by either defeating monster, by searching for them and by opening locked chests. but unlocking these chests is not easy so below is a guide on how you can open the chests and gain loot easily.

Guide On How To Open Locked Blue And Gold Chests In Ni No Kuni 2

To unlock the chests in the game, first, you must have unlocked the Kingdom building option, then select Evermore Spellworks and construct it.

Once you have the Evermore Spellworks assign High IQ citizens to the building, if you don’t have a high IQ citizen you can upgrade a citizen by going to the Kingdom Management menu, then click on Citizens and find any character with a blue arrow next to their picture. then press the options button to level up the citizen, and increase their IQ.

With the help of High IQ workers upgrade the Evermore Spellworks to Facility Level 3. then go to the research list and look the spell “Specific Spell Dev: Spring Lock”. research it and it will become available after chapter 5.

Now with the spell unlocked go to any chest and use it to unlock the chest and gain loots from it. remember always look for blue and gold chest they have better drops then the normal brown chests.

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