Sea Of Thieves – Quick Fix For Skeletons Not Spawning On Islands

Sea Of Thieves

Developer Rare And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled Sea Of Thieves. it is action adventure game where a party of players travel and explore an open world with a pirate ship. they can embark on quests, collect loot and engage in combat with other players and do more.

Sea Of Thieves has released just a few days ago and it has started showing many glitches and bugs. one of latest bug plaguing the game is the Skeleton bug due to which skeletons do not spawn on the island. below you will find a guide on how to fix it.

Quick Fix For Skeletons Not Spawning On Islands In Sea Of Thieves

As the skeletons are not spawning players are unable to complete different quests like Order of Souls quest and the stronghold treasure quests.

Fortunately, the Devs at Rare studio knows about this bug and are currently working on it to fix it permanently. however, for the time being, they have released some tricks and tips which will let the Skeletons spawn and you can continue your voyage.

In the release note of the game, the devs said that if you are having the skeleton bug you need to leave the island and get out of its range and then return to trigger the event. below is the official statement.

“If you encounter this bug, a potential work around is to sail away from the island until it’s out of range, and then sail back in to trigger the Island Name banners.”

Some players in the forum have reported that even doing the above is not helping them and the only way to fix this issue is by quitting the game and restarting it. but doing this would result in you losing all the progress and getting your quest canceled.

The only thing players have this issue is to wait for the update which fixes the game.

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