Attack On Titan 2 – Guide On How To Save Allies From Dying

Attack On Titan 2

Developer and Publisher KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. recently released their new latest game titled Attack On Titan 2. it is a sequel to the Attack On Titan and follows the story of season two of AOT anime series with more new weapons and combat moves.

In Attack On Titan 2, players can save others characters from dying but to do this they must select the optional quests which are usually in yellow color. below is the list of all characters you can save and also how you can save them and keep them in the storyline.

Guide On How To Save Allies From Dying In Attack On Titan 2

Mina and Thomas – To save both of them you need to replay the first mission battle and do some side quest. this will spawn a new yellow side mission. in this side quest you will kill the titans attacking them and by completing the mission you will save them.

Ian and Mitabi – To save both of them you need to replay the Primal Roar level. first, kill the Titans attacking Eren. then proceed to kill other titans in the area until a yellow mission pops up. head over there and kill the titans who are attacking Ian and Mitabi.

Marco – To save Marco replay the Primal Roar mission and wait for the cutscene which has Levi in it to end. once the scene ends a new yellow mission will pop up, head over there and kill the titan who is attacking Marco to save him.

Levi Squad – To save Levi’s Squad go to the Choices and Consequences level. while are you escorting Eren through the forest. a scout will appear and ask for your help. after you help him he will set up a base and then a yellow mission will pop up. head over there and you will find Levi Squad being attacked, save them to complete the mission.

Miche – To save Miche go to the Beast Titan mission, there will be many green missions clear all of them and a yellow mission will appear. head over there and kill the titans attacking him.

Gelgar and Nanaba – To saveĀ Gelgar and Nanaba head to Utgard Castle mission and build a base as the game tells you. while building it a yellow mission will appear, head over there rescue them, after that escort them safely to the horses and they will leave the area.

Hannes – To save Hannes go to the Charge mission and complete all the green missions, after doing this a yellow mission will appear. head over there and save Hannes from the Titans attacking him.

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