A Way Out – Guide On How To Complete All Trophies & Achievements

A Way Out

Developer Hazelight Studios and Publisher Electronic Arts have released their new trailer titled A Way Out. it is an action adventure game where players play as two prisoners who Leo and Vincent who are trying to escape the prison.

In A Way Out, there are many different trophies players can achieve by completing particular tasks and activities. below you will find a guide on how you can get all the achievements and trophies available in the game.

Guide On How To Complete All Trophies & Achievements In A Way Out

Break From Reality – You just need to play the game with a friend.

Freedom – While escaping from prison you will arrive in an area where you earlier received your chisel. from their climb all the ladders and go to the Warden’s Office Window.

Once there smash the window to enter the room and go the balcony, there you will find a birdcage go near it and free the breed from its captivity.

The Dip – In the chapter escape the yard, Leo needs to visit two prisoners at the gym and do dips on an exercise equipment. the two prisoners will challenge Leo for 20 dips and all the player needs to do is continuously mash the prompt button, remember the higher the number the harder it gets to complete it. but don’t give up just keep smashing it.

Take A Breather – In the chapter Fugitives, both Leo and Vincent will escape the police and enter a jungle, turn right and walk on the path with a river on the side, at the end of the path you will notice a rock where both of the characters can sit, do this task and you will unlock the achievement.

Take It For A Spin – In the Chapter Fugitives, you will see a giant windmill on the farm, take Vincent and climb on top of the mill and spin the blades.

In Sync – In the chapter Fugitives, both character will enter a house and find a Banjo and a Piano, play the instrument while executing the prompt popping up on the screen. completing it would unlock the achievement.

Timeless Treasure – In the Chapter Fugitives, you will find yourself in a house to change clothes, in that house, there is a giant clock, take both Leo And Vincent to interact with it. this will open a locked door, go inside it and open the chest to unlock the achievement.

Home Run – After you leave the farm and your you will find two people playing baseball, approach and interact with them and try batting. to complete the achievement both players need to hit a home run.

You Started It – In the Chapter Reunion, players need to go the playground. in the playground approach the swings and interact with it, this will initiate a cutscene.

No Cheating – In the chapter Reunion, you will meet a woman in front of a trailer with a baseball bat interact with her and she would tell you about the cheating husband. then go towards the auto tech shop and in front of it you will find a trailer, knock on it and you will find the husband. then return to the woman and tell her about the cheating husband.

Backseat Mechanic – In the chapter reunion, Leo’s Wife will request Vincent to help her in repairing the motorcycle and instructs him to get a wrench from the shed. once she gives this request complete it and start the motorcycle to unlock the achievement.

Managed Anger –  In the chapter Preparation, you will be interrogating a person and then to torture him you will push the chair to the edge of the roof. the person tied to the chair will refuse to talk. from there take Leo to the left side of the table and wait for a few seconds, then Leo will get angry and kick him from the building.

Live The Dream – In the chapter Preparation, go to the elevator and head straight up into the waiting room. in the waiting room turn on the T.V and sit on the couch. this will initiate a cutscene and unlock the achievement.

Mayday – In the chapter Vengeance, players will find themselves in an airplane hangar, from there just go the back room and follow the path to a helicopter, enter the helicopter to initiate a cutscene and you will unlock the achievement.

All The Ways Out – Players need to collect all the achievements and trophies in A Way Out.

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