JQ: Dogs And Cats – All Correct Answers And Achievements

JQ: Dogs And Cats

Developer and Publisher Snkl Studio have released their new latest game titled JQ: Dogs And Cats. it an indie casual quiz game where players the guess the correct animal from a given portrait just like Who Want To Be A Millionaire.

The game offers 2 game modes a section where players need to select correct Dogs and a Section where players need to select correct Cats. it has 60 levels along with soothing music from Erwarda Savitnaag.

As there are a lot of questions and not everyone will get the correct answers. so below you will find a guide on all the correct answers and a guide on how to get the achievements.

All Correct Answers And Achievements In JQ: Dogs And Cats

Below you will find all the answers to questions in the game which appears chronologically. but just getting the right answer does not give you achievements.

In the gameplay screen, there is ” i ” image just above the portrait of the animal. it is the info options and all the animals in the game have it. clicking it would reveal from which country the animal is from.

In the guide below with the correct answers, you will have the ” i ” mentioned, click them to complete the achievements.


  • Berner Sennenhund (i)
  • Greyhound (i)
  • St. Bernard
  • Welsh Corgi (i)
  • Labrador (i)
  • Afghan Hound (i)
  • Dalmatian (i)
  • Akita-Inu (i)
  • Shar Pei (i)
  • English Bulldog (i)
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (i)
  • Shetland Sheepdog (i)
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog (i)
  • Pug
  • Irish Setter (i)
  • Chihuahua (i)
  • Weimaraner (i)
  • Bull Terrier
  • Basenji (i)
  • Husky (i)
  • Chow Chow
  • Shin Tzu
  • Dobermann
  • Pekingese
  • Newfoundland
  • Dachshund
  • Rottweiler
  • Poodle (i)
  • German Shepherd
  • Italian Greyhound (i)
  • Briard
  • Komondor (i)
  • Alabai


  • Tonkinese (i)
  • Persian (i)
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Donskoy
  • Munchkin
  • Russian Blue
  • German Rex
  • Egyptian Mau (i)
  • Nebelung
  • Chartreux
  • Savannah
  • American Curl
  • Scottish Straight
  • Korat (i)
  • Havana Brown
  • Ukrainian Levkoy (i)
  • Sokoke (i)
  • Norwegian Forest (i)
  • British Shorthair
  • Somali
  • Siberian
  • Bengal Cat
  • Maine Coon
  • Manx (i)
  • Toyger
  • Minskin
  • Abyssinian (i)

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