Final Fantasy XIV – How To Unlock Eureka Anemos Weapon

Final Fantasy XIV

Developer and Publisher Square Enix have released a new patch 4.25 for their game Final Fantasy XIV. It is an action-adventure MMO game where players take part in an epic ever-changing Final Fantasy universe.

The latest update adds a mysterious island with strange monsters and elemental beings. but the best part about it is the addition of Eureka Anemos Gear. below you will find a guide on how to get your Anemos Weapon.

How To Unlock Eureka Anemos Weapon In Final Fantasy XIV

The Anemos weapon is a new lastest weapon which comes along with the Anemos Gear. to unlock it you will need three particular items an Antiquated weapon, Protean Crystals, Anemos Crystals and Pazuzu Feathers.

First get yourself an Antiquated Weapon – there are many antiquated weapons so you can pick anyone, all the weapon in this class have a level of 290. you can get it by completing the final level 70 job quest or you can purchase it directly from any calamity salvager.

You can find calamity salvager at The Aftcastle in Limsa, Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Gridania and Weaver’s Guild in Ul’dah.

Use Protean Crystals To Upgrade – once you have the antiquated weapon, take it the blacksmith Gerolt, you can find him in Port Surgate on Eureka and upgrade the weapon. he will charge you some protean crystals for the upgrade.

With the Protean Crystals, you can upgrade the weapon to +2, so make sure you have enough Crystals if you don’t have it farm it by killing elemental beings.

Use Anemos Crystals To Upgrade – now that you have a +2 weapon to further upgrade it you will need Anemos Crystals, you can get it by trading your Protean crystals.

Get 3 Pazuzu feathers – You now have the fees to upgrade the weapon beyond +2, the last thing you need to get your Anemos weapon is 3 Pazuzu feathers. to get the feathers go to Newvoid and west of Eureka and kill the Pazuzu bird.

Once you get 3 Pazuzu feathers go back to Gerolt and upgrade your weapon and you will get your own Anemos Weapon.

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