Sea Of Thieves – Where And How To Fight The Kraken

Sea Of Thieves

Developer Rare And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled Sea Of Thieves. it is action adventure game where a party of players travel and explore an open world with a pirate ship. they can embark on quests, collect loot and engage in combat with other players and do more.

With the release of the game, the devs have added new contents and improved the gameplay. the most awaited content in the game is the legendary Kraken. below you will find a guide on how to find and fight the Kraken.

Where To Find And How To Fight The Kraken In Sea Of Thieves

Where To Find The Kraken – The Kraken does not have a fixed location and randomly spawns on the map and also the game does not give a prompt that a Kraken is after you. but there is some visual indicator that indicates that a Kraken is near you.

First, the water around you will turn black and black clouds will start forming in the area. once you are completely near it Kraken’s tentacles will shoot out of the water.

How To Fight The Kraken – The giant creature fight only by using its tentacles just like in the legends. to win against it you will need to deal damage it by using any ranged weapons. on the tentacles which are far away from the ship use the cannons and for the tentacles which are near the ship fight it uses the pistol or blunderbuss.

But be careful the creature will fight back and if you are don’t fight it properly it will sink your ship. the Kraken can snatch the crew members from the ship with its tentacles and deals damage to the players, to free crew member just hit the tentacles which are holding them.

Sometimes the creatures wrap the ship in tentacles and try to tilt the whole ship. to prevent your ship from sinking hit the tentacles which are wrapping the ship and it will release it once it takes enough damage.

To be honest the fight against Kraken is pretty boring but it is being reported that in the next patch they devs will be made stronger and killing them will give you big rewards and loot.

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