Sea Of Thieves – How To Get And Stop The Crying Of Chest Of Sorrow

Sea Of Thieves

Developer Rare And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled Sea Of Thieves. it is action adventure game where a party of players travel and explore an open world with a pirate ship. they can embark on quests, collect loot and engage in combat with other players and do more.

In the game, there are many different types of chests which have different traits and value. one such chest is known as Chest Of Sorrow. it is high on rarity and is quite valuable, it cries and fills up the ship with water. below is the guide on how to find and stop it from crying.

How To Get Chest Of Sorrow In Sea Of Thieves

Just like all other chest’s in the game The Chest Of Sorrow also spawns randomly on the map and does not have a fixed location. to get the chest you will need to complete the quest given by the Merchant from the outpost. while completing the quest you may find the Chest Of Sorrow too.

The second way to get the chest is by exploring different islands if you are not on a voyage and are trying to collect the chest of sorrow. explore the mid to large size islands.

The third way is to loot from other players, you can hide at the outpost and wait for other pirates to return. when they arrive on the outpost attack them and steal their chest and if you’re lucky you may find the Chest Of Sorrow or you can just go on a pirate hunt and fight them on the sea.

How To Stop The Crying Of Chest Of Sorrow

The Chest Of Sorrow is pretty rare and valuable but it also quite bothersome. the chest starts crying on its own and fills the ship with water. if you do not check it periodically then it will sink your ship.

Players have reported that playing a sad music from concertina, Fiddle and Hurdy-Gurdy stops the crying of the chest. but it has not been confirmed yet as some say it works and others say it does not work and the chest just stops crying on its own. but there are few ways to deal with the crying

  • First, you need someone to babysit the chest, if it cries bail out the water from the ship.
  • When you reach an island you can either let someone babysit the chest or take it with you on the land
  • You can also carry the chest and climb the outer ladder of the ship this way the water will fall into the sea and not on the ship
  • Don’t Drop the Chest in water as it swims and will run away.

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