Sea Of Thieves – How To Find And Capture Snakes For The Quest

Sea Of Thieves

Developer Rare And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled Sea Of Thieves. it is action adventure game where a party of players travel and explore an open world with a pirate ship. they can embark on quests, collect loot and engage in combat with other players and do more.

In the game, players can get access to different types of quest, there is a particular quest where the players need to capture snakes for a merchant. below is the guide on how to find and capture the snakes easily.

How To Find Snakes In Sea Of Thieves

The snake is a wildlife NPC and spawns randomly in the game and unfortunately, it does not have a fixed location in the game and you will have to search for it. you can begin your quest for snakes by going on to the nearest island and search it.

While searching for it observe and try to listen to the Snakes Hissing. if you don’t hear it then most likely it is not on that particular island and you will have to move on and search for it on the next island.

The good about finding snakes is that they are not rare and most of the time can be found by searching for it on 2 – 3 medium or big islands. my suggestion would be to take the snake quest along with a chest finding voyage, as most likely you will find a snake on your way and then you can complete the quest.

How To Capture Snakes In Sea Of Thieves

You cannot catch a deadly snake with your hands, to capture it you will need a basket, to get the basket you need to talk to the Merchant NPC, get the quest and accept it. if you are in party tell all the members to accept the quest.

Once you have done the above the NPC will offer you basket and now you can use it to capture the snakes.

Now comes the part to catch them, approach them with caution as they can bite you to death and even if you catch them, it can still bite you and it can escape from the basket easily. below you will find a step by step method to capture and transport them.

  • Have at least plus one member while catching it
  • Take the basket in your hand and get near the snake, the basket will show a prompt to capture it.
  • Once you have the snake in the basket, ask your teammate to calm it down by playing music with any instrument. so that it won’t bite you.

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