Surviving Mars – Tips And Trick For Beginners To Build Colony Easily

Surviving Mars

Developer Haemimont Games and Publisher Paradox Interactive have released their new game titled Surviving Mars on the steam store. it is a simulation and strategy game where players try to survive and colonize their new planet Mars.

Surviving Mars involves good mechanics and features but can beginner players can easily get confused and overwhelmed by the number of things they need to manage to survive the playthrough. below you will find some tips and tricks which you can use to make the gameplay easier.

Tips And Trick For Beginners To Build Colony Easily In Surviving Mars

Pipe And Cables – You can build Pipe and cables on the same tile. use this method to make a more efficient network. so if they get damaged you can easily repair them and not waste time on it.

Don’t Use A Single Pipe And Cable Network – you can create a large network to pipe and cable to power up your colony. but if even a single damage in them can result in loss of power and time. moreover, you will have to use drones and waste more resources to repair them.

At Early Stages Use RC Transport vehicle –¬† the RC transport is very useful in collecting surface resources like metal, iron, and polymer. to do this scan a sector this will reveal all the available resources. all you have to do now is send the RC to collect them.

Get An RC Explorer  РUse the RC Explorer at the beginning of the game so that whenever it scans a sector it will reveal new anomalies, this will give you new tech and tools and will make your playthrough easier.

Build Depots – Once you have started gathering resources and goods start building depots to store them.

You can use multiple Scanners – Many players don’t realize that the scanner stacks with each stack the speed is increased by 10% and also increases the detection of natural threats in the region.

Always Have Sufficient Drones To Get Things Done – if you notice extractors stopping because of stones rubbles collecting around, repair and unload take a long time, and just other goods piling up then its time to get more drones. build a drone hub to manage them

Only Build Necessary Structures – the game has a mechanics in which the building deteriorate over time. there are only few building which does not get damaged when turned off but most of the structures get damaged even if they are turned off and gets damaged and to repair them you will need to waste additional resources, so be efficient.

Make your domes habitable – the colonist will form the major part of your dome and making the dome habitable is very crucial for their sanity. so always make Living Quarters Clinic, Grocer, Diner, Farm, Small Park, production building.

Fill Up Your Production Facilities – Always make sure fill the capacity of a production facility to run it at its full potential.

Heavy Workload To Speed Up – the game has an option called Heavy Workload, using this will result in colonists having to work overtime increasing the production significantly. they will lose health and sanity because of this which is a bad thing but it can be recovered using clinic and sleeping. so use it wisely and don’t push them too much.

Always Check For Traits In Colonists – colonists comes with different traits some good some bad. one such annoying traits is the “Idiot” Trait. do not hire them in production building as there is a high chance that they will cause a major breakdown. stopping production and it will cost resources to repair them.

You Can Use School To Select Traits – You can modify a school to choose what traits you want to teach to the kids. this reduces the chance of having a colonist with an undesirable trait.

Always Upgrade your building – Buildings do not auto upgrade, after researching you need to upgrade a building using the icon in the upper right corner.

Surviving Mars is currently available on PC via Steam for more information you can visit the official steam store or the website.

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