Ghost Of A Tale – Location Of Silas Footlocker Key

Ghost Of A Tale

Developer and Publisher SeithCG have released their new latest game titled Ghost Of A Tale on steam. it is an indie stealth adventure game where players play as a little mouse named Tilo a mouse who is going through some perilous adventure.

In the game, the player gets a quest in which Tilo has to open the Silas Locker but to open it they need a key. for players who are unable to find it. below, you will find the location of the key and you can use it to complete the quest.

Location Of Silas Footlocker Key In Ghost Of A Tale

In the game, Tilo is given a task from the thieves in the Cell to open the Footlocker of Silas but to open it you will need a key which you will have to search in normal circumstance.

But since you are here, the Key to Footlocker is located in Silas’s room which is on the Second floor of the building. in Silas room you will find a bed, go near it and look for the key hanging on the wall. the key has a very dark color so it is difficult to spot it.

If you are unable to find the key then you are probably looking in the wrong room. remember looking for a room with a bed.

Despite being located on easy location many players miss it because while exploring the game they accidentally collect the Key without realizing it and also the game does a poor job of informing the player about the status of Key which creates even more confusion.

Anyways now you know the location of the key, so go forward and complete the mission and enjoy the adventure of the little warrior Tilo.

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