Darwin Project – Tips And Trick To Win The Game

Darwin Project

Developer and Publisher Scavengers Studio recently released their new latest game titled Darwin Project. it is an action-adventure survival game where players are placed in a battle royale scenario against 9 other players in the icy north.

Just like many other battle royales in this game too the last player standing wins the game. but it involves different mechanics, fighting style, and a director who can change the pace and flow of the match. below you will find some tips and trick to win the game with a bit of practice.

Tips And Trick To Win The Game In Darwin Project

Craft Arrows – As soon as you enter chop up some trees and make some arrows to fight and defend yourself from other survivors.

Keep Wood Reserve – After crafting arrows, chop up more trees to keep and it in reserve to either make more arrows or use it as fire camp if you get cold.

Search For The House – there are some specific houses which contain leather, loots and also works as a radar revealing your opponents position on the map.

Upgrade And Arm Yourself – once you get to the house you will have some wood and leather. use it to craft an armor and modify your Axe.

Get Your Cloak, Boots, And Snowballs – craft your cloak, you can get Fur cloak, Runner cloak or Ninja Cloak it depends on your playstyle. also get boots which boost your speed and craft some snowballs.

Gather Electronics – Few minutes into the game, electronics will start spawning on the map. go to the nearest location as fast as you can. use the electronics to get powerups like invisibility, super leap, player radar, shield, teleport and more.

Upgrade As Fast As You Can – when you have gathered plenty of resources try to upgrade boots, cloak and axe modifiers to tier 5.

Combat Mechanics And The Director

The combat mechanics of the game does take time and skill to master. you will need a good aim and also have a good judgment of your axe swing.

if you are new to the game, you should always try to kill your opponents with your Bow And Arrow. both axe and arrow take skill to execute but if you mess up your attack with the axe you would give your enemy an opening and this could result in your death. so take time and adjust your timing with both Arrows And Axe.

Finally, The Director can be the cause of your win or lose as it has the ability to give you warmth, speed, invincibility and can even nuke a mini-zone. so always try to be nice because if the director does not like you then your match will get to get even harder.


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