Fortnite – Guide To All 15 Supply Llama Location


Developer People Can Fly and Publisher Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite has become a massive success and is giving its rival PUBG a tough competition. the game is currently available on all major platform like PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Epic games have been constantly improving and adding new features to the game. the new add-on in the game is called Supply Llama these are the new collectibles and if you are lucky enough to find a one you get a massive amount of resources like 500 wood, 500 stone, 500 metal, 10 stacks of each type of weapon ammo, 3 traps and a ton of consumables.

As the resources will help you build different structures and get access to more blueprint. this will give you an advantage over your opponents and eventually you will survive longer getting a better placement.

Guide To All 15 Supply Llama Location In Fortnite
  • C4 — Southwest from Pleasant Park
  • C7 — South from Greasy Grove
  • D6 — Southeast from Titled Towers
  • E4 — Northwest from Loot Lake
  • F7 — Southwest from Salty Springs
  • F7 — Southeast from Salty Springs
  • F8 — West from Fatal Fields
  • G3 — Northwest from Tomato Town
  • G7 — Far eastern corner from Salty Springs
  • H5 — Southeast from the Prison
  • I6 — East from Retail Row
  • I8 — Northwest from Moisty Mire
  • I9 — Southeast from Moisty Mire

To get a better chance at getting the Supply Llama you should search for it at  Salty Springs, Retail Row and Moisty Mire. these three places have a high concentration of these supply so you have a higher to get them.

Once you get one of the Llama try to hunt people as you basically have more survivability and firepower to overpower other players.

Fornite is currently available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox, if you haven’t played it yet download, it right now to play with millions of other gamers.

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