Devil May Cry HD Collection Cheat Gives Infinite Health, Magic And More

Devil May Cry HD collection

Developer and Publisher CAPCOM Co., Ltd. have released a new special edition for their popular game series Devil May Cry which is titled as Devil May Cry HD collection and it contains series 1, 2, and 3 in one collection.

Players will begin their devil hunting adventure with Dante with power legendary demon warrior flowing through his veins and will fight the king of the underworld Mundus. the second series will continue years after the first series and will once again feature Dante.

The final series will have the Vergil, Dante’s twin brother and the story is basically a prequel to the first DMC. you can enjoy all of the above in high definition with 60FPS.

The first cheat is a trainer file and can be downloaded from Gtrainers. it has a file size of 608.9 Kb and offers eleven different cheat options like Infinite items, infinite red orbs and more

Below is the list of cheat you can activate in game

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Magic
  • Infinite Devil Duration
  • SSStylish!!! Evaluation
  • Infinite Double Jump
  • Freeze Secret Task Timer
  • Infinite Items
  • Infinite Red Orbs
  • Infinite Yellow Orbs
  • One Hit Kill
  • 2x/4x/8x/16x Red Orbs

The second cheat is a trainer file and can be downloaded from Megadev. it offers only two different cheats in the game.

Below is the list of cheat it offers.

  • +100 Red orbs
  • Godmode

The third cheat is also a trainer file and it is available at CheatHappens. it offers four different cheat options like infinite yellow orbs, infinite blue orbs and more. the file has been scanned and does not contain any adware or malware.

Below is the list of cheat it can activate

  • Infinite Health
  • Change Yellow Orbs
  • Change Red Orbs
  • Change Blue Orbs

Devil May Cry HD Collection is currently available on steam via PC for more information about the game visit the official website or the steam store.

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