Assassin Creed Origins – How To Find And Kill Ramesses Shadow

Assassin Creed Origins

Developer Ubisoft Montreal and Publisher Ubisoft have released more new contents for their game Assassin’s Creed Origins The Curse Of The Pharaohs. players will play as Bayek and travel to Thebes after receiving reports of mysterious events.

The new content offers many new missions, characters, and enemies from Egyptian mythology. in one specific mission players need to find Ramesses Shadow one of the Pharaohs and kill him. this mission, in particular, is pretty hard as he vanishes all the time. below you will find a guide on how to find him and kill him.

How To Find Ramesses Shadow In Assassin Creed Origins

First, you need to visit Thebes this is the only location where Ramesses spawn. once you get there you can just walk around in Thebes and wait for it to spawn or you can just use the Dusk And Dawn time to spawn a Pharaoh immediately.

But remember to complete the quest you need to kill the Ramesses and not the other pharaoh. to easily identify him look for a spiked head which has a shape of a circle and he will be wielding a long-range mace or a club whatever you call it.

If they Pharaoh you encounter is not Ramesses don’t waste time killing it just use the Dawn And Dusk time again and it will spawn a new Pharaoh. keep doing this until you get the right one.

How To Kill Ramesses Shadow In Assassin Creed Origins

Once you locate him comes to the tedious job of killing him before it disappears. so you will have to be aggressive while evading charge attacks to not get staggered by him.

The first thing you should do is keep attacking him on his back. the reason being he has quick short-range mace attack which deals heavy damage but he only uses it in front of him. so wait for his attack and then quickly circle around him and do heavy and quick attacks. you can also use bow and arrow to do damage.

Doing this will let you build up your adrenaline and every time you have enough adrenaline. use the special attack to deal heavy damage.

This method is efficient and also fast to kill Ramesses before he escapes. so all you have to do is evade, then attack and build up adrenaline and use the special on him and rinse and repeat till it dies.

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