Ghost Of A Tale – Location Of All The Skappbettle

Ghost Of A Tale

Developer and Publisher SeithCG have released their new latest game titled Ghost Of A Tale on steam. it is an indie stealth adventure game where players play as a little mouse named Tilo a mouse who is going through some perilous adventure.

In the game, the player gets a quest where they have to collect all the escaped Skappbettle. although catching them is easy finding all of them can be difficult and quite frustrating. below is the location of all the Skappbettle in the game.

Location Of All The Skappbettle In Ghost Of A Tale

Ramp – Leave Silas Room and go move downwards exiting the War Rooms, once you leave the war room take a left on the battlements, you will find a Skappbettle on lying ramp beside a wall.

Stables Next To Main Gate – Just go toward the stables located next to the East Gate Portcullis. you will find it own the ground.

Roof Beam – Go to the ramparts and jump over on the side onto the battlements, then move to the tiled roof and pass through the door, once you are on the beam walk all over to the end of it and you will find a Skappbettle.

West Courtyard Door – Go across the courtyard and enter the wooden door, then move right beside the long set of steps you will find Skappbettle sitting on the floor.

Rolo’s Roof – Go to the courtyard and visit Rolo the blacksmith, the Skappbettle is sitting on the roof. to get there you will need to go to the room with the collapsed roof and make a platform with the help of the wooden beam.

Corridor Steps – Go to the courtyard and move toward east courtyard which is located across Gusto and Fatale’s cell. once you are there climb the long set of steps. you will find the Skappbettle lying on the corridor.

Beside A Ranger Boot’s Hidden Chest – Go the courtyard and then walk all the way up to the fort right above Rolo. then get into the room with collapsed Roof. there you will find a wooden beam use it to make a platform and make your way on it to the other side.

Then look to the left on to the wall you will find a window covered with wooden bars. you can throw anything at it and the bar will drop and form a ladder. you can then use the ladder and go through the window. there will be a chest and beside it is the bettle.

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