Surviving Mars – How To Start A Beginners Base To Self Sufficiency

Surviving Mars

Developer Haemimont Games and Publisher Paradox Interactive have released their new game titled Surviving Mars on the steam store. it is a simulation and strategy game where players try to survive and colonize their new planet Mars.

The game is pretty well made and players can do use different strategy and techs to build their bases. they also have to check their surroundings for resources, threat and more. below is a guide on how to build a base from scratch to self-sufficiency.

How To Start A Beginners Base To Self Sufficiency In Surviving Mars

The game has just come out so do not expect that the guide will help you build a perfect base but it will certainly help you make a base which is beginner friendly which will become self-sufficient on its own and you can make it perfect by customizing it with your build as your progress through the game.

First, we will talk about your 1st Cargo you can use the default recommend payload or you can customize it and decide what you want on your first payload. but as you are starting a new base your payload should be able to make basic structures like water extractor, power generator and more.

Below you will find a custom payload which will help you build your first base.(default cargo will also get the job done).

Custom Payload

  • Prefab Building – 2
  • RC Rover – 1
  • RC Explorer – 1
  • RC Transport – 1
  • Drone – 2
  • Polymers – 5
  • Machine Parts – 5
  • Electronics – 5
  • Moisture Vaporator – 1
  • Fuel Refinery – 1

The Prefab building is basically used to quickly build the moisture evaporator to produce water if you do not have water resources nearby and the fuel refinery is used to generate fuel for the rocket. both RC Rover and RC transport will help you build different structures wherever you want.

The RC Transport which will help you gather metals from the surface of Mars which you can use to build other structures to get concrete, food and more. this is the reason the build does not bring food, metal, and concrete from the start.

The RC Explorer will help you research faster giving you access to various other tools to make your playthrough a lot easier.

Selecting A Location For Your Base In Surviving Mars

When you are choosing the location for your base the screen shows various stats like the availability of resources, altitudes, and other natural threats. new players get confused as the game does not give a proper description on how to choose a location. below you will find how to use the information to your advantage.

Average Altitude – It is the average from land and higher the altitude the more wind you will find. so at a high altitude, you will get more efficiency rating from wind turbines.

Mean Temperature – the lower the temperature the more frozen will be the land. so choose an area with higher mean temperature.

Topography – it tells whether the surface is flat or not. the flatter the surface the easier it is to build your colony.

Resources – the resources show availability of three main resources water, metal, and concrete. try to select an area which has an average of all the three. but if you don’t find it don’t worry you can produce it in other ways.

Threats – there are four natural threats on mars which can cause a lot of problems the dust devils are martian tornados. the dust storms is a storm filled with dust, meteors are falling rocks and cold waves freezes everything.

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