Surviving Mars – 7 Tips On How To Build A Full Functioning Base

Surviving Mars

Developer Haemimont Games and Publisher Paradox Interactive have released their new game titled Surviving Mars on the steam store. it is a simulation and strategy game where players try to survive and colonize their new planet Mars.

In the game is strategic city builder players need to collect all the necessary resources and manage them. if you are new to the game building the colony can get confusing but don’t worry below you will find 7 tips on how to build a functioning base easily.

7 Tips On How To Build A Full Functioning Base In Surviving Mars

First, select the Rocket Payload which you want for your base. if you are new to the game then you should select the Default Rocket Payload, this will allow you to get a hang of the game. but if you want a more customized Payload then you can check out the custom Rocket payload here.

Then you have to select the location on Mars. when choosing a location look for a place which has plenty of water, concrete, and metal. this will give you enough resource to build your colony. the second checklist for location is high altitude, high temperature, and flat surface. this is not necessary but will make your work easier while building different structures.

Once you reach the planet search for the resources like Water, Metal, and concrete with the help of your drones and RC vehicles.

Setup a basic power source, at the beginning of the game you should make a solar panel as it cost less and is very good at producing power. make sure that the power cables you connect to the grid are setup up properly otherwise you will lose power.

Now comes the part of gathering resources, once you have located the water resource place a Water extractor on it. you can use your RC Transport to collect surface metal, and you can use the concrete extractor to get concrete.

After you start getting resources build a universal depot to collect and store all the resources.

To make colony even bigger use the research tab and select any research category you want, you should get yourself an RC Explorer this will increase the speed of research. also, start researching as fast as you can, it will give you access to new tech and tools.

Finally, you can use the resupply option to get supplies and build the things you need to conquer Mars.

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