Ghost Of A Tale – Guide To Fatale’s Secret Quest All Item Location

Ghost Of A Tale

Developer and Publisher SeithCG have released their new latest game titled Ghost Of A Tale on steam. it is an indie stealth adventure game where players play as a little mouse named Tilo a mouse who is going through some perilous adventure.

In the game, the player gets a secret mission from Fatale which is known as a Secret Quest. in this particular quest, the player needs to find different items to help make Fatale his potion. below you will find the location all the item needed to complete the quest.

Guide To Fatale’s Secret Quest All Item Location In Ghost Of A Tale

Three Headed Acorn – You will find the three-headed acorn at the east side of the courtyard, it is sitting on the ground next to a large rock.

Beetle Eggs #1 – Go to Silas and look for a large cannon climb on to it and then jump on the roof of the house near it. on top of the roof you will find Beetle eggs.

Beetle Eggs #2 – Go to Silas and look for steps leading into the watchtower, enter it and go all the way up to the top, look for a window with a chest beside it, once you locate it go near the window and you will find it hanging on it.

Crimson Mushrooms #1 – Go to the jail and visit the cell next to Gusto and Fatale’s cell, in that cell you will find a barrel, move it and you will find a secret passage. enter the passage and turn left, you will the mushroom sitting on a small rock.

Crimson Mushrooms #2 – Go to the sewer and enter the torture room through the tunnel, in the room, you will find a cage hanging with a skeleton and inside it is the mushroom. to get it throw something at it and it will drop.

Crimson Mushrooms #3 – Go to the sewer and look for a cave with a dead spider in it, you will find your path blocked by the web but you can burn it with the candle.

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