Tips And Trick You Can Use In Into The Breach To Win Games

Into The Breach

Developer and Publisher Subset Games have released their new latest game titled Into The Breach. it is a turn-based indie strategy game where players control powerful mechs from future to defeat aliens trying to invade the world.

The game is pretty fun to play but sometimes it can get quite difficult and frustrating. there are some in-game mechanics and interactions listed below which will help to improve your gameplay and make the game easier.

Tips And Trick For Into The Breach

Acid Interaction

  • Using acid on fire tiles puts out the fire but it does not work on units.
  • The acid attack can affect unit even if they have armors.
  • When you attack purple psion Vek with an acid attack it removes its armor.
  • You can attack a tile with acid and if they move on it, it will damage it. you can use it to trap and limit Veks movements.


Fire Interaction

  • Ice tiles can be melted with the use of fire, so you can use flamethrowers to melt it completely.
  • Buildings and Trains in tiles do not take fire damage, so you can basically use flamethrowers through them. but earth mover or terraformer can catch fire damage and will take 1 damage per turn.


Ice Interaction

  • Using Ice attacks on enemy units immobilizes them due which they cant attack and move.
  • Using ice on fire tiles/units removes fire
  • Using Ice on water tiles freezes it completely.
  • Freezing the trains immobilizes them but it can still complete objectives.
  • You can freeze the trains to make it more survivable and just move it at the end to complete the objective
  • Satellite, Earth Mover, Terraformer and ACID Launcher get disabled by ice.
  • Frozen units can’t play and will fall down.


Smoke Interaction

  • Using smoke on fire tiles/units puts out the fire.
  • Interrupts enemy attacks while it is in the smoke and even if it is moved out of the smoke it will have to wait for one more turn.
  • Smokes don’t stop the train from moving.
  • Smokes also interrupt the Satellite, Earth Mover, Terraformer and ACID Launcher.


Shield Interaction

  • Shields protect you from catching fire, being frozen, and getting covered with acid but it won’t remove the effects and you will take damage until you remove it.
  • The shield protects the train from attacks but not from crashes.

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