H1Z1 Guide On How To Win Auto Royale Mode


Developer and Publisher Daybreak Game Company have finally released their game H1Z1 also known as the game which started the battle genre. it adds new contents, weapons, and more in the fast-paced action shooter.

The new game adds a new mode known as the Auto Royale mode where a team of four players can join the game. you will fight for power-ups, gather weapons, ammo and equip your squad and upgrade your ride.

below is a guide on how to win the game you will bascially know about the how to control the car, do some advance tricks, and learn some basic teamwork. but before you jump into the guide enjoy the trailer of the game.

Guide On How To Win Auto Royale Mode In H1Z1

Drivers Guide – before we begin the guide on how to help your team by being a good driver’s let’s take a look at basic controls.

Car Control In H1Z1

  • Hand Break – Space
  • To Switch Drivers – Control + G
  • To Split Items Grabs – Shift + Click
  • To Spilt One Item At A time – Control + Click items
  • To Flip A Turtled Car (Upside Down/turned over Car)  – Control + U
  • To Access Trunk Inventory – Tab

Advance Driving Maneuvers

  • Drifting – Press Hand Break and release the gas to make a sharp turn, to reduce the sharpness of the turn you can use Hand Break + Gas + left/right direction.
  • Alternating The Direction – Always keep a short distance between you and your enemy and move right and left constantly so if they drop gas, grenades, and mines you can see and dodge them.
  • Ramming Into Enemy – this maneuver is useful when the enemy car has low on health and are trying to escape. use the boost and drive into them to let your passenger players finish them off. remember ramming into others cars does very little damage.
  • Hunt The Hunter – When the enemy is chasing you and hitting you from behind, drive at full speed and when they get closer use drift and make a complete circle and chase them.

Things To Do Will being A Driver

  • Always grab the drivers item first for example Boost, Jump, Repair. these items should always be in your inventory to help the car survive for as long as it can.
  • Do not take the whole weapons always split it between the team as you will be the one driving for the majority of the match.
Passenger Guide

Passenger Control

  • To Switch seat with the driver – Control + G
  • To Split Items Grabs – Shift + Click
  • To Spilt One Item At A time – Control + Click items

Things To Do Will being A Passenger

  • Always share items with other passengers so everyone has a decent inventory and not run out of ammo, health when you need them.
  • Keeps Your Weapons Reload All the time.
  • Use rifle for long to medium range.
  • Use Shotgun for shoot range.
  • Shoot At Targets and don’t miss.

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