How To Get The Secret Vek Hybrid Mech Squad In Into The Breach

Into The Breach

Developer and Publisher Subset Games have released their new latest game titled Into The Breach. it is a turn-based indie strategy game where players control powerful mechs from future to defeat aliens trying to invade the world.

Into The Breach has 55 achievements and 7 squads which you unlock buy progressing further into the campaign. in the game, there is a special squad which you can unlock which is known as Secret Squad. it is a combination of the human and Vek mech. below you will find a guide on how to unlock it.

How To Unlock The Secret Vek Hybrid Mech Squad In Into The Breach

There is no trick to unlock this special squad but there is hell a lot of grinding to get it. basically, the game requires players to complete all the achievement and unlock all the squads.

That means you will have to complete 55 achievements and will have to unlock all the 7 squads that are.

  • Rift Walkers
  • Rusting Hulks
  • Zenith Guard
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Steel Judoka
  • Flame Behemoths
  • Hazardous Mech

The Secret Squad cost a whopping 25 gold coins, one achievement gives you 1 gold coins and as described above, the game has 55 achievements and some of them are quite difficult to complete.

Another thing to note is the Secret Squad is difficult to manage, they have a low attack in early part of games but as the game progress you can upgrade them and make it super powerful mech.

There are 3 mechs in the Secret Vek Squad

  • Techno-Beetle
  • Techno-Hornet
  • Techno-Scarab

The bettle has 3 health the highest in this squad and comes with 3 move speed, the hornet has 2 health but also comes with 4 move speed which is the highest in this squad and lastly the Scarab has 2 health and 3 move speed.

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