Guide On How To Win Easily With Custom Squads In Into The Breach

Into The Breach

Developer and Publisher Subset Games have released their new latest game titled Into The Breach. it is a turn-based indie strategy game where players control powerful mechs from future to defeat aliens trying to invade the world.

Into The Breach can easily get quite difficult and frustrating. so if you are stuck on a certain level or are having difficulty winning the campaign. then you can use the guide below which shows how to build a custom squad which wins the game easily.

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How To Win Easily With Custom Squads In Into The Breach

The game has 7 in-game squads each having different traits and abilities but one thing common in each of them is that every squad has its weakness and if you use the pre-made squads at higher difficulty there is high chance that you might lose or will just get stuck with push and pull against the Veks.

Thanks to the custom squad feature you can build your own squad and play the game and to makes thing more easy for you below you will find a custom build which is pretty good.

To will need the following three squads to build one of the best custom squads in the game

  • Rift Walkers – Default Squad
  • Rusting Hulks – Costs 2 coins
  • Blitzkrieg – Costs 3 coins

To unlock the Rusting Hulks and Blitzkrieg you will need 5 coins, you get them by completing at least five achievements.

After unlocking them make a Squad with the following Mechs.

  • Rift Walkers – Combat Mech
  • Rusting Hulks – Rocket Mech
  • Blitzkrieg – Boulder Mech

What makes this combination good is the fact that all the pre-made squads have mechs which deals only 1 damage which forces you to play more turns and thus makes your game longer. every mech in this particular build has a default damage of 2 which is enough damage to minion Veks like diggers, scarabs, spiders, hornets, leapers and every type of psion.

While playing with this squad you need to focus on killing the Veks as fast as you can. this build consists of to artillery mech which can push safely and easily, all you have to do is make sure that both the artillery have clear fire line and also position your Combat Mech on the frontline near to the Veks.

Things To Upgrade

Now comes the upgrading part, with this build you should always make Power Reactor, using reputation on abilities or passives will be a total waste.

  • Rift Walkers – Combat Mech: For combat mech, you need to upgrade health so that it can stand longer in fights. also, you get a pilot with either extra health or power reactors.
  • Rusting Hulks – Rocket Mech: For rocket mech, you need to upgrade its damage also you should deactivate its passive to get a free reactor.
  • Blitzkrieg – Boulder Mech: You should also upgrade the damage of Boulder Mech
  • Finally when Rocket Mech and Boulder Mech deal enough damage upgrade the damage of Combat Mech.

This build is pretty good for beginner players and works quite well with normal mode. but on a higher difficulty, its performed badly as this build is only good in combat and dealing damage. so on a higher level, you will need some other squads.

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