Guide On All Codes For Using In The Aurora In Subnautica


Recently Publisher and Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment released their latest new game titled Subnautica. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed on an aquatic planet named Aurora and now must learn the ways to survive the dangers.

In the game, players can get enter into the Aurora, the spacecraft on which the player arrives on to the planet but has now crashed into the massive water body. through the campaign, the PDA informs the player that the Aurora is degrading until its eventual explodes.

So before it explodes you need to search it as it contains many useful types of equipment like Radiation tool, repair tool, propulsion cannon, laser cutter and more. below you will find the codes which you can use in Aurora to open locked doors.

All Codes For Using In The Aurora In Subnautica
  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Cabin No. 1: 1869
  • Lab Access: 6483
  • Robotics Bay: 6666

Subnautica is currently available on PC via steam for more information about the game you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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