Guide On How To Get A Chocobo In Final Fantasy XV PC Edition

Final Fantasy XV

Recently Developer and Publisher Square Enix have finally released their game Final Fantasy XV on PC. it is an Open world JRPG game and is the official fifteenth main installment in the final fantasy series.

In the new Final Fantasy XV, players can get access to a cute cuddly bird called Chocobo. you can use it to travel over any terrain easily and most importantly it is fast an fun. below you can find a guide on how to unlock a Chocobo.

How To Get A Chocobo In Final Fantasy XV

During the playthrough of Chapter 3 you will receive a notice saying if they want to go to a Chocobo post, this will trigger a new quest and then you will need to visit the post and talk to the owner of the Post.

The Chocobo post owner will say that certain monster has been troubling them and so they need your help. then you will find this monster, but before engaging in a fight with it remember it can get hard if you are low level or have poor gears to fight it.

After defeating it the owner will give you the access to the Chocobo, you can rent it for 50 Gil a day and can also call for it whenever you want, all you have to do is use the special whistle.

The Chocobo is very useful and better than a car as it can travel in any area without getting stuck and it also fairly fast.

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