How To Get Protector Of The Realm Trophy (No Death Run) In Moss


Developer and Publisher Polyarc have released their new latest game titled Moss. it is a virtual reality adventure game where players play as a young mouse named Quill in fantasy land which has been overthrown by a fire-breathing snake Sarffog.

Just like most of the games Moss also comes with its list of trophy or achievement you can get by completing certain tasks. one of the trophies is named Protector Of The Realm where the players need to complete the game without dying once. below you will find a guide on how to do it with a simple trick.

How To Get Protector Of The Realm Trophy In Moss

As described by the game to get the Protector Of The Realm achievement you need to complete the full game without dying even once. if you die you will need to restart the whole game and play from the beginning.

Normally to get this particular trophy you will need to be really good at this game or just grind until to get a perfect no death run. but if you don’t have the time or the patience to keep grinding for it then below you will find a simple trick on how to complete it.

First, keep in mind that during the Protector Of The Realm you can save and quit the game but you can’t die, the trick is to abuse this issue so let’s begin.

During the run whenever you miss a jump or feel like you are going to die, just press the PS Button. this will bring out the PlayStation overlay, now just press the “Close Application” at the top of the menu.

This will quit the game without you getting a death count and the next time you reload the game you will start from the previous save point or the default checkpoint.

Remember the trick is do all of the above before the death screen appears, the game has a few second of death animation so you should be able to do it if you are quick enough. if you don’t quit the game before the death screen appear the game will count your death and you will fail you’re run so BE QUICK.


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