How To Beat The Last Two Legendary Bosses In Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive

Developer and Publisher Konami has released their new latest game titled Metal Gear Survive. it is an action-adventure survival game where players are placed in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies.

After completing the campaign in the game players get access to a new bonus mission which consists of two legendary bosses named Big Mouth and Frostbite, fighting these giant creatures can be quite difficult and tedious. below you will find a guide on how to fight these monsters.

The Two Legendary Bosses In Metal Gear Survive

Big Mouth – it is the first endgame boss which you will encounter and it looks like an ugly T-Rex with machine guns mounted on its side and to make it even more difficult it has a level 43. so if you try to fight it without having proper equipment or level, you will most certainly die like a fly.

So to beat it you need to level up your character and equip yourself with heavy arrows, heavy shotgun, sniper rifle, C4, turrets and anything which does heavy damage.

During the fight use your “Scout’s invisibility” ability and hit it hard. when your invisibility runs out hide in a place where the T-Rex can’t follow you. one of these places is behind the fence of the entrance into the ruins area. when the invisibility comes online again repeat it and it would die eventually.

Frostbite – The second and the last boss is a giant flying jelly + octopus creature and as the name suggests it attacks with ice it has a level 50 so just like the Big Mouth be equipped with proper gear and level.

Before fighting it get yourself tons of ammo, sniper rifle, Molotov, C4, mortar, turrets, and shotguns.

During the fight use your “Scout’s invisibility” to hit and run. when the creatures get damaged it will expose a light orange area, dump all your firepower in that place, throw C4, Moltovs, hit with a sniper rifle and shotguns.

When it rises up, get to a safe distance and hit it with turrets, guns, and mortars until it falls down again. rinse and repeat the above method and you will eventually kill it.

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