List Of All Console Commands And Functions In Into The Breach

Into The Breach

Developer and Publisher Subset Games have released their new latest game titled Into The Breach. it is a turn-based indie strategy game where players control powerful mechs from future to defeat aliens trying to invade the world.

Just like Faster Than Light this game can also get quite difficult and frustrating. so if you are stuck on a certain level or just want to breeze through the game then you can use the guide below to unlock different things like squads, insta win and more through an in-game console.

All Console Commands And Functions In Into The Breach

To use the console cheat press the “`/~” key in the game. if it doesn’t work go to the steam library, then right click on Into The Breach, then click on properties.

A new window will pop up, go to the general tab and click on the “Set Launch Options” and type “-console“, press ok and then launch the game and type the “`/~” key a console should appear.

In the console you can type “Help” it will bring a set of commands which can be used to enable different kinds of cheats and other function but it does not contain all of the commands. below you will find all the current known commands arranged in alphabetical order.

  • anim <name> – test animation of the characters
  • ach – achievements
  • day <number> – change the current day.
  • debug – enable the debug mode.
  • event <name> – change the event.
  • gog_clear – clears all GOG achievements.
  • human – “Pilot Found” achievement.
  • incident <name> – change any incident.
  • invasion – change any invasion event.
  • kill – kills all enemies in the city.
  • makeitso – unlocks all pilots.
  • musc_version – toggles between different music.
  • pawn <pawn_name> – changes the name of the pawn.
  • populated – ???
  • pod – a timepod is spawned.
  • popups – toggles popups in the game.
  • sanim <name> – test animation on the square board.
  • steam_clear – clears all steam achievements.
  • secret – it spawns a pod which gives access to the distant friend’s achievement.
  • reload – refresh lua scripts.
  • resolution <width> <height> – lets you change width and height of the resolution.
  • rich – add money.
  • rain – creates rain in the game.
  • rain_type – stops rain in the game.
  • unlock ach – unlocks all achievements.
  • unlock all – gives a message saying no longer in the release version.(possibly fixed upon release).
  • win – instantly causes the Vek to retreat and makes you win the round.

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