Guide On How To Get All The Items In Pit People

Pit People

Developer and Publisher The Behemoth have finally released their game titled Pit People. it is a turn-based strategy game where players can fight and recruit other fighters, explore and complete the different quest, and customize characters with different weapons, helmet, armor and more.

In the game, there are tons of items which you can collect and customize your characters and boost their abilities. below you will find a guide on how to collect all of them but beware it is a lot of grinding.

How To Get All The Items In Pit People

Farm Items From Market – this is one of the ways to get the items which are not available in quests. to farm items from the market leave the town, enter a fight with any characters, then you can either choose to win it or flee from it, after that return to the market and check for the items.

Recruiting –  You can also get items by recruiting other characters. all you have to do is equip a good character and get a recruitment cage. then leave town, fight other characters, defeat them and then capture using the cage.

After capturing them, return to your room, where you can take away their cosmetic weapons and keep it for yourself.

Trading Items – this is one of the ways to get the items which you are unable to find. you can join the trading subforum or the official Behemoth discord server.

Fight In Pits – some of the items in the game can only be achieved through fighting in pits. so be ready to grind through some hard unfair challenge and daily PVP quests

Farming From Loot – one of the best ways to get quest item is by completing loot quest but remember one thing you can only get items for a certain character you have registered in the survival guide. to get items from other characters you need to create a new savefile and only register the character that you want to farm.

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