Guide On How To Earn Gold With 4 Easy Methods In Pit People

Pit People

Developer and Publisher The Behemoth have finally released their game titled Pit People. it is a turn-based strategy game where players can fight and recruit other fighters, explore and complete the different quest, and customize characters with different weapons, helmet, armor and more.

In the Pit People, you can earn gold which the currency of the game. you can use it buy different type of cosmetics like weapons, helmet, armor and more. below is the guide on how to earn gold easily and fast.

How To Earn Gold Easily In Pit People

The first method is the easiest way to get gold, all you have to do is search for them lying around the world and just pick them up when you find one.

The second way to get gold is to look for chest located across all levels, you won’t always get gold as some of them contains weapons, armor, and other gears.

The third method is to leave the town and explore the world and look for sparks around. when you locate one of the sparks destroy it using any weapons. it will blow up giving tons of gold.

The Fourth method is to capture characters and sell them. first, equip a character and get yourself at least 4-5 requirement cage, leave the town and look for a fight. once you start a fight, win it and capture the fighter.

Fill all the cage with fighters and return to your room, there you can select the characters you want to sell. before selling them remember to check out their equipment, as some of them may have pretty good stuff on them, you can keep the equipment and sell the characters for gold.

Selling a character gives you 550 Gold and it doesn’t matter what type of character it is. this method can be a bit tedious but the reward is also pretty high. to do this quickly try to stay close to the town so you can return faster and just rinse and repeat.

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